SS 1-2018 Foreword


Dear brothers and students of the Sabbath school, there is no doubt that something is happening on earth. The Bible tells us: “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7

As Faithful Remnant Church to the Lord, we have been entrusted with the most important task given to men: to proclaim the present truth to a world that perishes in crimes and sins. During the next 17 Saturdays, in God’s favour, we will be studying the Three Angels Message.

The various Adventist organizations that were once called by God to give this glorious message, have been unfaithful, for their betrayal of the Heavenly Father and his friendship with the world. Many years ago, the messenger warned us: “We are as a people in danger of giving the third angel’s message in such an indefinite manner that it does not impress the people…. Our message is a life-and-death message, and we must let this message appear as it is,—the great power of God. Then the Lord will make it effectual. We are to present it in all its telling force.” Evangelism, p. 230

New souls in different places, are interested in our work and it is very important that they know the pure Message, so that they can be united in the work of proclamation of it. Our prayer is that God will guide his study of these lessons and that very soon, we can see the Lord Jesus Christ, come in the clouds of heaven.

The Brethren