Our relationship with Roanoke-Cedartown

We share with the brethren of the Reform Movement, (either with the Roanoke or the Cedartown General Conferences) a common origin and we believe that there are many faithful and sincere children of God in those churches. Believers who live and preach the Message of Revival and Reform.

It is NOT our purpose to take souls out of those organizations or enter into strife for supremacy. As far as possible, we want to get along with everyone and worship God according to our conscience.

In a general sense, we share the same principles of faith and lifestyle, but there are some doctrinal differences that do not allow us to maintain full communion with them. Therefore, neither this site nor our churches belong to any of the two General Conferences of the Reform Movement. We are reformers by the message, but not by affiliation with those organizations.


We believe that just as in all other churches, God has faithful people in the big Adventist denomination. However, we DO NOT believe that the SDA organization remains as the Remanent Church of God. Her departure from the historic Adventist Message, her relationships with ecumenism and the world, disqualify her from the position she once had.

Must be obvious that this site does NOT belong or be associated in any way with the General Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists. There are great and serious doctrinal and lifestyle differences that separate us.